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We love our readers and love sharing our passion for cooking, DIY, and Charleston with you. But just so we’re all on the same page:

  • Charleston Crafted was created & is written and maintained by Morgan Smith & Sean McBride.  All content, including photos, images, videos and text is our property and cannot be reproduced without our permission. Feel free to use an image or two as long as it is credited to us and links back to the original content. Please do not replicate any of our text or more than a couple of pictures without contacting us for permission first.
  • All photos that aren’t taken by Charleston Crafted are credited and linked to their original sources and are believed to be in public domain. If we ever post a photo that belongs to you & you are unhappy with our citation (of you or your site), please contact us and we will resolve it as quickly as possible. Any photos not credited to a source have been taken by Charleston Crafted and are rights protected. It is a copyright violation not to link back to the source of any and all images.
  • We are a for-profit blog. We make money from the blog in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: selling items in the boutique, advertisements on the sidebars, and affiliate ads. Affiliate ads pay us a percentage of sales resulting from clicks on the ad, product image, or link to a product. Posts containing affiliate links will be clearly marked. We have ads, not to be evil, but to attempt to make a little cash for the hours we put into creating the content that you enjoy. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!
  • We will always give you the straight truth on product reviews. In fact, many of our product reviews are not paid or perked- they’re just things that we’ve bought and gotten especially attached to. If a product review is paid, or if we got it for free, we will be sure to let you know that, but we will never let that affect our review of the product.
  • We are not chefs or contractors- we are amateurs who just love figuring things out our own way, sometimes based off of reference books or blogs & often off of trial and error. We make every effort to ensure that all tutorials and recipes posted are of the highest possible quality and revise projects to reflect any problems or tricks that come to our attention. However, we are not responsible for the outcome of any projects that you try to replicate off of our site. Please, cut off your stoves & wear eye protection! We don’t want any injuries to you or your home.
  • We approve all comments by hand. We respect negative comments (you’re entitled to your opinion!) and will approve them, as well. However, comments interpreted as just plain mean will not be approved. We have the right to delete any comment at any time for any reason (so don’t give us a reason too, mmmkay?) Also, our spam filter occasionally catches real comments, so feel free to show a little personality so you aren’t mistaken (by a robot) as a robot.
  • We love seeing & sharing your home, recipes, projects… everything! If you email us pictures of your goods, we are assuming that you are ok with us sharing them on the site. If we are going to feature you in a post, we will contact you in advance to get the full run down!
  • Questions? Feel free to contact us at any time at CharlestonCrafted@gmail.com

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