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DIY Skull Halloween Candy Bowl

Discover the joy of crafting this Halloween with our DIY Skull Halloween Candy Bowl tutorial. Inspired by a stylish yet expensive version from West Elm, learn how to create a spooky and chic candy bowl using affordable materials like plastic bowls and skeleton heads.

I have so much fun decorating for Halloween every year. It’s a great time to dust off your craft supplies and get creative if you haven’t in a while.

I was recently browsing the West Elm Halloween collection and landed on this terracotta skull candy bowl. Super cute and chic for Halloween, but I knew that I could make a similar version for less than the $56 price tag.

DIY Skull Halloween Candy Bowl

Of course, the West Elm version is a beautiful terra cotta material, but I am going to show you how to build a plastic version for less than $6!

DIY Skull Halloween Candy Bowl

Here’s how easy it is to make a spooky skull bowl for your Halloween candy!

plastic skulls

Supplies needed to make:

A note on spray painting bowls: I did decide to spray paint my entire bowl to give it a matte look – similar to the original’s terra cotta.

However, I would not recommend eating food out of a spray painted bowl, or putting it in the dishwasher.

If you want something food-safe, leave the inside of the bowl unpainted!

spooky halloween skull bowl

Steps to make it:

Here are the simple steps to make this skull halloween bowl!

STEP 1: Cut the skulls

You are going to want to cut the face off of each skull. To do this. Hold them on a work surface and very carefully saw straight down from the top of the skull.

I found it easier to saw it 90% and then snip the very bottom portion with scissors.

Depending on your exact skulls, you might be able to cut it entirely with scissors. It just depends on how thick the plastic is!

making skull sunflowers

STEP 2: Glue the skulls

Cut on your hot glue.

Measure around your bowl and use a white crayon or chalk to mark 5 equally spaces dots around the bowl.

applying hot glue to skulls

Apply hot glue to the rim where you cut each skeleton. Line up with the dot you marked and press into place.

Let cool completely.

skulls glued onto a bowl

STEP 3: Paint the bowl

Lay out a tarp or drop cloth. Start with the bowl upside down and spray paint with light even coats.

Once you are satisfied, let dry for 15 minutes, then flip right side up and repeat on the other side, being sure to come at the skulls from enough angles to get in all of the crooks and crannies.

painting a halloween skull bowl

STEP 4: Enjoy!

Let dry for 24 hours before heavily handling. Then, it’s ready for your Halloween candy!

spooky halloween skull bowl

Any questions about this fun Halloween craft?

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