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Painting my Final Room- the Guest Bath!

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I finally got around to painting the last room in my condo! I have been putting it off for studying or visitors since Sean has been out of town, but I finally did it!

For a recap, see how we painted the living room, master bedroom, guest bedroom, and master bath here.

Like the master bath, I taped Friday night (took about 30 minutes) and painted Saturday morning. I did two coats- the first coat took about an hour and a half (a lot of brush work around doorways, mirror, shower, and the toilet) but the second coat took about half that.

For a reminder, here is what the guest bath looked like before:

Guest Bathroom Before

Yeah, basically exactly the same as the master bath except with a regular sized tub (the master has a garden/soaking tub) and with an additional linen closet (behind the door there.)

I really wanted to paint this room navy blue to go along with the preppy-nautical vibe I have going on. So, I hopped on over to Lowes and grabbed four samples:

Painting Guest Bathroom

If you follow me on Instagram (@CharlestonCraft) then you might have seen this picture. From top to Bottom we have (All Olympic) Teeny Bikini, Starry Night, King Triton, and Dragonfly. I was really torn between the top & the bottom ones. The bottom one was what I was originally looking for, however, I was starting to get a little nervous about going that dark. In the end, I chose Teeny Bikini- we’ll pretend the name had nothing to do with it 😉

Painting Guest Bathroom

Painting Guest Bathroom

Painting Guest Bathroom

Painting Guest Bathroom

   Painting Guest Bathroom

Ya dig it? I’m obsessed. Its a deep deep royal blue, without being too dark at all. I can’t get over how great it looks! I can’t wait to accessorize it with pops of white. I was planning to get a white shower curtain but I’m kinda digging this geometric one from Walmart last year. We will have to see!

Done any painting lately?

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