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No Buying Clothes Check in

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For the month of May I issued myself a personal spending challenge… no buying clothes. I have too many clothes already, plus I kinda dropped stacks when Lilly Pulitzer was on Rue La La in April (sorry I’m not sorry) and needed to reel it in for a beat.

Overall, it was a lot less-hard than I anticipated. Generally, I just stayed out of stores. I didn’t spend much/any time cruising Rue La La, and I didn’t pop into the clothing section of Target, Homegoods, or TJ Maxx (my weaknesses). And honestly, I was never really tempted. I did, however, have 2 tiny little cheats, which I deemed both acceptable, but in the interest of full disclosure:

  1. My Birthday- on my birthday, we were in Wilmington, and it rained. The girls all wanted to go shopping, and after a brief talk-up from Sean, I decided to go with them (I didn’t want to sit at home alone or, even worse, make them not go because of my challenge. Like a diet, the hardest part about the no spending “cleanse” is passing up on girl-time.) However, I entirely restrained myself and purchased only 1 pair of white shorts (which was a total need) and one belt (which was a total want) for less than $40 total. Considering what some others got, I think I did good. And it was my birthday, after all!
  2. Sean’s Birthday- Sean’s birthday was May 19. I had already purchased most of his gifts before May 1, but I ended up deciding to grab him a new pair of shorts at the last minute. However, they were from the J. Crew outlet and 40 percent off (ok… so I got 2) and they were a gift so I don’t consider it a cheat. But it was horribly tempting to walk past the ladies chinos (my summer staple) and not examine the new colors.

Otherwise, I didn’t buy a thing. Not a sock, not a bracelet, not a Lilly shift. The biggest key was to stay out of the stores! I stuck to home decor for my little shopping needs 🙂

I could totally sustain this habit, perhaps as an every-other month kind of thing. Don’t tell Sean though- he would hold me to that!

Now, for June. I think I’m going to do a no-going-out-to-lunch-at-work challenge! Eeek! This will be REALLY hard for me, but I am really trying to cut expenses and this is my biggest “want” that could easily go! Think I can manage? It will be WAY harder than shopping!

Do you ever issue yourself “spending challenges” Love it? Hate it? Please share!!

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