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Make your own Pup-sicles: Ice Cream for Dogs

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I love ice cream. Every week, we like to buy a carton of whatever ice cream is on sale for late night snacking. Recently, I’ve noticed that they’ve started carrying dog ice cream treats! I was intrigued but didn’t want to spring for the high-priced item in case CiCi didn’t like them. So, I did a quick Pinterest search and found this knock off recipe.

We used 1 banana, 1 normal sized plain fat free yogurt, 3 big spoons of peanut butter and a hefty squirt of honey.

Pup Pops Ingredients - Charleston Crafted

Put them all in the blender until smooth.

Blending Pup Pops - Charleston Crafted

We then put the mixture into a muffin pan. I wanted to use my mini-muffin pan but it was not to be found.

Pup Pops Dough - Charleston Crafted

Freeze for 4+ hours and then pop them out. We put them all in a ziplock.

Frozen Pup Pops - Charleston Crafted

Bag of Frozen Pup Pops - Charleston Crafted

CiCi looooves them!

Cici Eating a Pup Pop - Charleston Crafted

I’m so happy to see her smile 🙂 Now the big question- how do I make these so that the kitty will try them too? He’s not into peanut butter so it will have to be tuna flavored!

Have you ever made pet treats?

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