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Kauai Glad We Dids & Wish We Hads

We had an amazing time on our anniversary trip to Kauai, Hawaii, and wanted to share some of our final tips in case you are planning a similar trip.

Kauai Hawaii - Charleston Crafted

Glad We Did

We are so glad that we booked our trip through Costco. Not only did we get a great price, but it included some awesome options that we otherwise never would have splurged for – like a daily buffet breakfast and free fitness classes.

I am so glad that we rented a car and got off the resort. While the property was beautiful, the fun of Kauai was the hiking and exploring.

I am so glad that we got switched to a high floor. The view from our room was stunning and sleeping with the door open to the sound of the crashing waves was magical, and not something that we would have felt safe doing with a first floor room.

I am also glad that we “front loaded” our trip with pre-planned big hikes and activities. This got the must-dos done so there was no chance that we missed them due to weather or other unforseen situations, but also gave us free days later in the week to fill with things that came up or looked interesting.

Kauai Day Three – Hiking the Na Pali Coast - Charleston Crafted

Wish We Had

Sean disagrees, but I totally wish that we had splashed out and rented a convertible. He says that it would have given us too much sun on our head/face/neck/shoulders, and he’s probably right, but it would have been beautiful and fun.

I wish that our GoPro had worked, of course, or that I had thought of just going to Costco (10 minutes from our hotel) the first day and buying a new one.

I wish that we had NOT packed so many clothes! Neither of us wore any long pants, long sleeves, or jackets. We thought that it would be cold at night but I was great in a sundress. The warm clothes were a waste of precious suitcase space. Ditto to Sean’s Sperrys (flip flops are appropriate even at dinner).

Happy Friday!

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