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In honor of shark week… some fishy decor!

Well y’all, this week is shark week, everyone’s favorite! Personally, I spend enough time at the beach that it f-r-e-a-k-s me out to watch people get eaten/bit/mauled/devoured by sharks. But you landlocked folks seem to love it 😉

What I do love, however, is nautical decor. It takes every ounce of my being not to turn my condo into the inside of a fish tank. So, I’m glad to have an outlet to share my pretend beach home design 🙂 So here’s all the tacky-tack to the max goodies. Don’t worry, I’m not buying… but it’s fun to dream!

(wow sorry for all the smileys today guess I just love the fishies!)

Cheesey Beach Decor that makes me smile - Charleston Crafted


Octopus Cake Stand

Shark Pillow

Whale Tissue Box

Wall Mount Shark


No Skinny Dipping Alone

Drift Wood Sea Gulls

Sea Glass Frame


Okay, now to be a tad more serious, how about some beach chic?

Coastal Chic Decor - Charleston Crafted

Sea Glass Countertops

Mother of Pearl Lamp

Jellyfish Art

Octopus Tryptich

Seagrass Ottoman

Nautical Frame

Drift Wood Table

Coral on Base

Sea Glass Lamp

Navy Stripe Rug

Enjoy? Make sure to follow our Nautical Nick Nack board on pinterest!

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