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I’m gonna pop some tags

Sean here. Up in Maryland, I became obsessed with the song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Morgan had never even heard it in Charleston. When she came to visit, she heard it on the radio and thought it was super odd. Then, Young House Love wrote this post about the song and came up with a game to play to go along with the lyrics. It blew our minds!

So I went to the local thrift shop that supports kids with cancer. Note the Ben Franklin in my pocket…

I'm gonna pop some tags - Charleston Crafted

I didn’t know what I’d find from the song, but it didn’t take long… they had a broken keyboard- I bought a broken keyboard…

I'm gonna pop some tags - Charleston Crafted

And then I found the big a$$ coat…

I'm gonna pop some tags - Charleston Crafted

I could have bought both of those for less than $20, but I didn’t buy either one. Let’s get serious, no one needs those things. It was just fun to find them. I actually didn’t find anything useful to me while I was there, so I decided to save the $20 for a rainy day I would actually find something I wanted. But this song is awesome and so was the challenge.

Go try the thrift shop challenge and let us know what you find!

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