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DIY Baby Fish Costume

I am so excited to share this adorable DIY fish costume today! If you want to dress your lil kid up as the cutest catch, you’ll want to check out this DIY baby fish costume!

DIY baby fish costume idea

I was really excited about this costume. Luke’s favorite thing is going to the aquarium – so it was natural for me to want to make him a fish costume!

This was the most involved of the costumes that I made him this year – but it was still really easy to make. All you need is felt and glue, as well as the onesie!

DIY Baby Fish Costume

DIY baby fish costume idea

To make this costume, you will need:

DIY baby fish costume idea

To make this costume, cut all of the pieces out of the felt. You can use a Cricut cutting machine or trace the patterns and cut by hand with scissors.

DIY baby fish costume idea

Glue the tail and fin onto the back of the onesie and allow to dry.

Flip the onesie and layer the scales and glue. Allow to dry.

DIY baby fish costume idea

Place an eyeball on each half of the hat. Glue and glue together and allow to dry.

DIY baby fish costume idea

How to turn a baby fish costume into a family costume

DIY baby fish costume idea

The easiest way to turn a fish costume into a group family costume is by dressing up like fishermen!

What you can wear to dress up like fishermen:

I am so happy with how this costume turned out – it is SO cute! I have just really enjoyed dressing him up so much!

DIY baby fish costume idea
Yield: 1 costume

How to make a DIY baby fish costume

Active Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Cost: $10-50

Is your baby the cutest catch? Here's how to make a baby or toddler fish costume using a onesie body suit and felt!


  • Long sleeved onesie
  • Felt
  • Fabric glue


  • Scissors or Cricut


  1. Cut all the pieces from the felt
  2. Glue fin and tail to back of onesie. Allow to dry.
  3. Glue scales to front of onesie. Allow to dry.
  4. Create hat by glueing 2 pieces together, with eyes on either side. Allow to dry.


I cut felt with the rotary blade on "more pressure" on my Cricut

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