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Color Me Rad!

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This Saturday we had the amazing experience of getting to run the Color Me Rad race in Raleigh. If you haven’t heard of this race before, it involves running a 5k while getting sprayed with tie dye! It was amazingly fun.

Pre-Race - Color Me Rad - Charleston Crafted

Here we are pre-race, all in white!

There were 9,000 people signed up to run with us, but they had divided us into 9 “waves”. This made the crowd much more manageable. We arrived around 7:45 for our 9 am heat. We signed in without any line and got our black t shirts, sunglasses, numbers, and fun RAD tattoos.

Pre Race - Color Me Rad - Charleston Crafted
We wore white shirts and knee sold so we could get extra colorful. After checking in, we headed to the inside of the arena for a per-race pep rally. They were throwing out shirts and color packets and were jamming great pump up music.

Color Me Rad - Charleston Crafted

The color was primarily plastic packets filled with colored corn starch. You just rip open the package and throw it in the air or at people! We got a little colorful at the pre race. Then we lined up to start the race. There was another person throwing shirts and pepping up the crowd. We finally started running at nine.

Color Me Rad - Charleston Crafted
As we ran, we passed four stations where people were dying is: purple, green, yellow, blue, and then pink at the end. The yellow and blue were actually liquid dyes that they threw or sprayed on you.

Color Me Rad - Charleston Crafted
We got SO colorful! It was amazingly fun. After you finish running, you headed back to the center field to have a color bomb. All 1,000 people from our heat gathered and released packets of color at once. It was an indescribable experience- you couldn’t see your own hand thru all the “smoke” in rainbow colors. It was amazing and afterwards you couldn’t have a bare spot on you.

Color Me Rad - Charleston Crafted
Afterwards we continued to dance and throw color and try to catch t shirts. I refused to leave until I got a shirt and ended up in 3 girl piles before I tackled my way to a free shirt.
We had an amazing time at Color me Rad. Afterwards we sprayed our shirts with vinegar and dried them inside out- we will see how the dye keeps after a wash. I would recommend this race to anyone who likes to have fun and get a little dirty!

Come back tomorrow to find out how I went from 100% out of shape to running a 5k in just three months!





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