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My Wedding Weight Loss Plan

Our wedding is ten months away, but you better believe I’ve already gotten a fitness plan going. I’m not one to crash diet or cleanse (the cabbage soup diet was a huge fail for me) so it is slow and steady all the way! I actually started this regime March 1st as part of my …

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Wedding Brainstorming!

We are so excited to be engaged and while we are doing our best to enjoy the initial engagement, I can’t help but jump head first into wedding planning! We haven’t made any concrete plans yet – we are still trying to get a grasp on our budget and guest list – but I can’t …

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Wedding Bells in the Air

We have big news- we got engaged!!!! Wedding bells are now in the air. Read below to hear both of our perspectives on how the whole thing went down! Sean’s Perspective The two weeks leading up to this were probably two of the most stressful of my entire life. I wanted to marry this girl, …

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