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Book Review: Maybe in Another Life

Maybe in Another Life

I recently started reading Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid on a car trip, and was so enthralled that I felt like I had to finish it that same day. It’s a quick read – but it will really suck you in and you won’t want to put it down!

Maybe in Another Life tells the story of Hannah, a 29 year old who doesn’t exactly have her life figured out. She moves home to LA from New York and decides to start over. Her best friend throws her a Welcome Home party and she encounters her high school boyfriend, who she’s never quite quit thinking about. He asks her to stay out with him after the party ends, and her decision totally changes her life.

Literally. The books splits, alternating chapters between the two scenarios – one if she had stayed out with him and one if she had gone home. It’s very Sliding Doors-esque, and the concept that one tiny decision can totally change your life gets me every time. I loved the characters, story line, and overall concept of this book.

As it’s getting to be beach and pool season, this is the perfect summer read. I definitely recommend that you add it to your list!

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