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Behr Laurel Tree – the complete guide!

Considering painting a room in your home Behr’s Laurel Tree? Check out how it looks in two rooms in my home and my advice about it!

I have really been on a green kick lately. There’s just something about the trendy earthy-boho feel thats so cozy and inviting.

The first two rooms that we painted in our new house we painted both Behr’s Laurel Tree.

It started with our two year old’s room. We were looking for something jungle-y without being overwhelmingly green.

jungle themed kids bedroom

I discovered Laurel Tree by Behr and was immediately smitten.

It’s a slightly brightened up, modern take on olive green.

This color looks greener in natural light (more like a leaf green) and gets more olive toned with yellow undertones in artificial/overhead lighting.

In bright daylight, it can even feel almost pastel, especially when paired with a dark neutral like in my son’s room, pictured above.

Behr Laurel Tree in a laundry room

I loved it so much that I used it in our boho laundry room, too! It’s a really great color that pairs well with crisp whites and natural wood tones, too.

The yellow undertones in our wood really bring out the olive in Laurel Tree.

Dowel hook in wall with hanging plant

Behr Laurel Tree S390-5

Lauren Tree is a rich green color. It’s what I call medium green – neither light nor dark, somewhere in between.

It’s highly pigmented – so unmistakably green – but with muted undertones so it in no way feels bright or overwhelming.

This is a fabulous color to use for an entire room, and accent wall, or even to paint a piece of furniture!

custom toddler wooden closet system

Laurel Tree paint strip

Laurel Tree is part of Behr’s S390 paint strip which includes (from lightest to darkest):

Behr Laurel Tree on bedroom walls

Laurel Tree coordinating colors

Laurel tree looks great with neutrals – white, black, and wood tones.

It also pairs well with bold, but muted (not too bright) other colors: think mauvey-pink, mustard yellow, and navy blue.

behr laurel tree
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