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Baking Fail: Chocolate Covered Pretzel Edition

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This week we are celebrating Halloweek here at Charleston Crafted! Check in every day to see how we are decorating and baking for one of my favorite holidays!

A lot of stuff that I make turns out really well and I love sharing it with you. However, sometimes stuff turns out as a huge flop. Sean loves Flips candies and I thought that I could make some Halloween themed chocolate covered pretzels for a festive snack. I had never made them before and have to say, they are not as easy as they look.

What you need:

White chocolate (I used Ghiradelli chips)

Pretzel twists or rods

Sprinkles or candy toppings

What you do:

Melt the chocolate. I poured some chips into a bowl, and microwaved for one minute.

White Chocolate Chips - Charleston Crafted

I stirred the chocolates and microwaved them for another minute.



Melting White Chocolate Chips - Charleston Crafted

Melted White Chocolate Chips - Charleston Crafted

Then I dipped the pretzels into the chocolate and placed on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper.

Making Chocolate Covered PRetzels - Charleston Crafted

Then I sprinkled them with a variety of Halloween sprinkles. In the end, they tasted all right, but they were super ugly. They turned out a tad better if I only dipped half in the chocolate – otherwise, they got all lumpy and splotchy.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels - Charleston Crafted

Sean said they tasted good either way- so if that’s what counts then they weren’t a total fail 🙂

Have you ever made chocolate covered pretzels? What did I do wrong?

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