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BaeTea Detox Review

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In the past six months, I have become seriously into green tea. I have to admit, at first, I thought it tasted like dirt. However, after getting used to it, I really love it. I drink this basic stuff at work (because it’s free) and love this tropical version (with hints of pineapple!) at home on the weekends.

Since I’ve became so tea-crazy, my sister suggested that I try a tea cleanse. These are all over the place right now (so many celebrity endorsements from Scott Disick to Morgan of RKOBH) so I decided that I would give baetea a try.

BaeTea Detox Review - Charleston Crafted

BaeTea Detox Review

I settled on BaeTea because they had good reviews on Amazon (I’m addicted to Prime) and the price was right. Many versions have a night and day option, with the night option meant to get your digestive track going in the morning. Since I don’t have a problem with that (so sorry, so TMI) I decided to just try the morning 14 day detox version.

Here are the ingredients:

BaeTea Detox Review - Charleston Crafted

  • Organic green tea leaf
  • Organic rooibos leaf
  • Ginger Root
  • Oolong wu yi leaf
  • Pomegranate
  • Guarana seed
  • Stevia leaf
  • Senna leaf
  • “Flavors”
  • Lemon juice
  • Sea salt
  • Corn
  • Honey powder
  • Citric acid

That’s a ton of ingredients. I have recently started watching ingredient counts on foods… so the high number of ingredients is not good for me.

Each morning I made the tea with one teaspoon of tea and one large Keurig cup of hot water. I used this Mana-Tea tea strainer since it is loose (bagless) tea. He’s not 100% perfect at keeping all of the tiny bits of leaves out of the water, but he’s too adorable to resist!

BaeTea Detox Review - Charleston Crafted

Honestly, the tea tastes really good. It has an orange color and is sweeter than the green tea that I usually drink (and have been continuing to drink in the morning at work.)

I definitely felt more awake after drinking this tea. But, that might have been real or it might have been a placebo effect.

I felt some appetite suppression, but I still ate my regular breakfast and, more often than not, I still ate my morning snack. So, it didn’t really cut down on the amount of food that I ate.

I didn’t lose any weight or any inches for the 2 weeks that I have drank this tea so far. However, I wasn’t really trying to lose weight – just maintain and get stronger. The tea certainly didn’t hurt and I will continue to drink it until it runs out. I easily have another week’s worth in my bag.

So, I probably wouldn’t buy BaeTea again, with the number one reason being the long ingredient list. However, I would be open to trying another tea cleanse!

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