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A Football Field of Snacks- The Final Results!

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Next week is the College National Football Championship. In anticipation, we wanted to share a fun snack project inspired by Pinterest: The Football Field of snacks. Every day this week, we will be sharing an aspect of the field and will reveal the final product on friday!

All week we’ve been sharing our football snacks with you! Monday we showed you sour cream & spinach sour cream dips. Tuesday we showed you how we decorated football cupcakes. Wednesday we shared our favorite pigs in a blanket & weiners in a hot tub. Yesterday we posted mexican layer dip & cheese dip. Today we will put it all together!

Here is how we planned to lay it out initially:

Dip Layout 1-Charleston Crafted

If you can’t read it from top left it is: corn chips, pigs in a blanket, ruffles, sour cream dip, spinach dip, corn chips, weiners in a hot tub, ruffles, 7 layer dip, queso dip, with lines of cupcakes on the sides.

Then, after seeing it on our card table, we decided that it might be better to adjust the layout to minimize the chances of anything falling off the table, like this:

Dip Layout 2-Charleston Crafted

When we got to the tailgating lot, we quickly realized that it was super windy and that there was no way we could sit out trays of chips without them blowing away.

We also had an incident where someone put the cupcakes on top of the coolers in the trunk and they flipped on the drive & got destroyed. #uglybutstillyummy

So, this is how it ended up looking:




Despite all of the things that went “wrong”, we were still really happy with the display. In the end, it still had the football field effect and was very yummy and way too much food!

What do you make for football parties?

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